The Urban Dictionary of dunsmuir house

The Dunsmuir House, a new residential development located in the southern suburbs of Portland, OR, is my favorite residence to build. It is a mix of a traditional house and a modern home, designed to appeal to the modern family. This house has a contemporary urban feel with a strong, comfortable interior, open floorplan, and large windows.

A good point about this house is that it is an example of a modern home that’s designed to appeal to the modern family. I am reminded of the new house that I built a few years ago in Chicago, which also had a contemporary feel and a strong sense of family life.

We also like the fact that this house is located in a very walkable neighborhood, with good shopping and entertainment options nearby (and the best of Chicago), it’s a great place to live.

The house we built in Chicago was a modern home with a modern feel, along with a large open floor plan. It was part of an upscale neighborhood. This house is a great example of design that is built to be appealing to the modern family. I’d recommend that you consider this house for yourself.

The house was designed by the Chicago-based architecture firm dunsmuir, and the project was funded by the Chicago Housing Authority and the Chicago Park District. The house was built in 2010, and it features a contemporary design that is built to be appealing to the modern family. It is located in a very walkable neighborhood, has a large open floor plan, and includes a large kitchen, living room, dining room, and a master suite.

This is one of our favorite houses in the whole neighborhood, so we had a hard time not recommending it. It is a very modern, unique, and inviting home. Definitely worth considering and looking for a home.

This is one of the hardest houses to come by. Some of the most beautiful homes in the Chicago Park District are built by people who have no idea what they are doing. Some of these houses have amazing features and great design, but the interior design is just not something that is really attractive or easy to maintain. The Dunsmuir house is one of those houses. It is a nice home that has great features.

Dunsmuir was built in the late 1800’s and was originally a large estate home. A lot of the original features still remain, including the original brick facade, but the interior is a bit dated and the layout and layout of the rooms is not as good as it once was. Nonetheless, it is a very nice home and worth considering.

The Dunsmuir house is the second oldest house in the world. It was built in the 1800’s and was the house where Thomas Dunsmuir (1803–1873) lived and died. Thomas was a wealthy landowner who purchased a large farm in New England in 1845. He wanted to build a bigger house, so he hired the architect Joseph C. Hetzel who was working on the new U.S. Capitol.

Hetzel built the house in a style that is still in use today. The house is a classic example of a Federal style home that has a central core of brick and a perimeter of brick and stone. The house is made up of three main rooms, one of which is the dining room which is divided into two sections by an elegant arch in the center of the room.

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