gitmo meaning

Gitmo is the name for the prison in Cuba that holds those who have been convicted of terrorism or espionage.

Gitmo is the prison for convicted terrorists and spies that the US government shut down in the 1990s, and is now run by the Cuban government. Gitmo is a prison so evil, it’s hard to know which is worse: the fact that it is a prison and the fact that the US government shut it down. A little history lesson would be in order here, but I don’t have the time right now.

It’s easy to get excited when something’s going well or bad, but when you’re in a really tense situation you can’t really predict what will happen. It’s like a real movie and it can be very frustrating.

The only real difference between the two is that Gitmo is less likely to lose sleep because of a broken phone.

But the truth is that Gitmo isn’t actually a prison. Gitmo means prison. According to the US government, it was a government facility that housed people who had been convicted of terroristic threat, treason, and other charges. It was run by the US military and used for interrogations and other interrogations. The facility was shut down in 2002 by the Bush administration, and it was reopened under the Obama administration in October of 2012.

I think people are just more likely to be on Gitmo, but that doesn’t mean they have a better chance of coming up with the right words. When you talk about Gitmo, you don’t talk about how many days it took to get the Gitmo files. They talk about the amount of time it takes to get all the files.

Gitmo is a place where you can put detainees who’ve been wrongfully convicted or imprisoned for years. The inmates are also called Gitmo detainees because they are held in a special facility in the US that is basically an airport prison. Most of these detainees are not convicted of crimes or even even arrested. They were picked up by the US Government as terrorists or criminals.

Gitmo is a prison operated by the US government in Cuba, where they detain and interrogate many political prisoners. These detainees are still considered terrorists because they were picked up by the US government after they were arrested. The Gitmo facility in Cuba is an “island prison”. In other words, it is a place where you can do whatever you want, but you can’t be caught.

Gitmo’s prison is actually very similar to the one the US prison in Cuba uses for the Gitmo facility. The US government has placed Gitmo’s cells at the border of the state, and have the Gitmo facility in Cuba as a temporary cell. The Gitmo facility is also a place where you can work out where the guard is and be available if you want to at the jail.

It’s like the world-famous prison in Brazil. The Gitmo facility has an open-book section, where you can read and write files and you can control the files you want to write. You can also have control over the files being created and the file to be used. You can create a file that you want to be stored in your Gitmo file.

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