24 Hours to Improving into the unknown over the garden wall

This was a random but fun project. I’m not much of a gardener, but I’m a big fan of putting a garden wall in my house because it really adds space to my home and helps to keep it clean and organized, something I think is incredibly important when you have so much stuff in there.

This is a house I’ve been trying to build since 2003. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m obsessive or because it’s been a long time since I’ve been anywhere else (or if it’s just because I’m lazy) but it really, really needed a wall. So I started by laying out all my plans on a few sheets of tracing paper, then cutting out all the pieces of the fabric that I would need to make the wall.

The first thing you’ll notice with the wall is that it’s a lot smaller than we would have imagined. It’s definitely not as tall as a room we’ve built, but it’s also not as wide. It does have more than enough room for a door and a doorway. It also has a nice, thin layer of insulation between the wall and the outside.

With the wall made, I can start laying out the rest of my plans. I’ll be creating a new space to house all the party pieces, the main stage area, and the party. Its a pretty big space, so its not going to be empty.

We can’t really say if its a good idea to have a gate in between the outside world and the garden. It could be dangerous too. We can’t really say what kind of danger it might be either. But if its an issue, we’ll need to think about how we’ll be able to close the gate and also be able to contain the party in there.

Its a fine line between the garden wall and the party. It’s a fine line, but we are the garden walls. If you can get a few of us to stand together and be like “Hey, this is our garden wall.” and just let these visions loose in the world, well thats the next best thing that we can do.

This is something I’m not sure I understood at all. Is it possible to stand together and have a garden that’s not connected to the world? What about the party? Does the party have a garden like us? Is the party part of the garden? Is the party in the garden? Is the garden part of the party? I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Yes, it’s possible. It’s also, surprisingly, an incredibly hard thing to do. We did it once. We made the garden part of the party and the party part of the garden. It was difficult enough to make the garden part of the party. Once we were done we just took off. The party is pretty much a garden. But we couldn’t stand there and just talk. We needed to make a connection. We needed to see. We needed to feel.

It’s true that the garden has a certain “chill factor.” You couldnt sit there and just talk. After all, you would be just as likely to be killed as the kids are in the movie. As a result, you need to establish some sort of connection between the party and the garden. The only way to do that is to “take off.” But with only one person to take off with, you can only do it once.

Take off. But that means you have to get out of the garden. You dont want to just sit there and talk about your feelings. What you want to do is take off and go to somewhere else. Somewhere far away… somewhere that doesnt seem to have anyone else to take off with. As you get farther away from where you came from, your thoughts become more and more fragmented and incoherent.

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