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The idea for this site came from a conversation between the two of us over a cup of coffee about the kinds of things we had in common.

I think the idea for the site is to make it a point to be honest about what makes a good title. To illustrate to you, I’m going to make it look like I’m still going to be a writer. I’m not going to be a writer for the real world, but I’m going to make it look like I can be a writer too.

How do we change the subject? That’s my first question. I’m getting to the point and all, but I have a few more questions. I think I’m going to ask you a couple of things here.


This is going to be a little off topic but I saw a link on another forum about “I like the title, but I think it’s a little misleading.” I don’t know where the link was. It just said, “I like the title, but I think it is a little misleading.

What do you think about this?I think its a rather basic question about a lot of things, like what does it mean to be a reader of this website, how do we think about it, and what should we expect from a piece of content like this. I think that should be a good subject for the subject matter of this post.

I think there are two different kinds of pieces of content. I think that when the subject matter of a post is so basic that it’s completely meaningless, people get confused. This is actually a good example of this. You can completely take someone by the hand and turn them into a mindless zombie, or you can give them the tools to actually do something. I think that’s one of the reasons why I like the title of this post.

I think that the title is a bit too generic for this topic, because I’m not sure what it is at all. This title is an example of the genre of this article, because I know of no other genre where a title like this gets a lot of attention. I’m guessing it’s an offshoot of some kind of film made up of characters who are doing something or do something.

I think it could possibly be a metaphor for a zombie movie, yes, something along those lines. I think that the zombie movies are the ones that have inspired the most creativity and original ideas in the zombie genre, which is why I liked the title. I wonder though whether the zombie genre is just one of those generic genres. It seems to me that the two most successful zombie movies are the ones that are most like what a zombie movie should be. And this is one of those movies.

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