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Well I hate to give this one the “slam dunk” but I really like Zerocensorship. The podcast is a weekly series of thought-provoking conversations between and with three different people who are all incredibly smart, witty, and insightful. I’m a big proponent of the podcast, and I’ve been a regular listener for a few years.

The podcast website for all its weirdness and wit is, and it’s a good one. A good place to start if you want to get started with podcasting. is a bit of a pain to navigate though. It’s an audio web site, so it doesn’t load the audio files that your browser gives you from the Internet. It’s also a website that doesn’t use cookies. I know this because I’ve been a regular visitor for quite some time, and I’ve been a frequent listener for a few years.

ZEROCENSORSHIP! This is one of those podcasting sites that people go crazy for. I understand the appeal of the podcasting business model, but I still think its crazy. I mean, if you can’t trust the integrity of the audio files you’re getting from the Internet, you’re just not going to be able to trust the integrity of the podcast itself.

This site doesn’t use cookies and it uses no tracking code. It uses a bit of JavaScript to check whether you’re signed in. When you click on a link in the podcast, the website checks whether you are logged in. If you’re logged in, the site takes you automatically to the next part of the podcast. If you’re not logged in, the site sends you back to the homepage.

You might actually get better audio if you use the same software that zerocensorship uses. Its an Android app, so it uses a standard Android browser to check for signed in users. But again, it could just be that a user without Javascript is not signed in.

The website uses Javascript to check for logged in users, but not in a way that you would expect if you just clicked an audio link. The website checks for a user’s identity using a server-side process that is essentially a database query and then compares that against what the user has entered.

The website has a special Javascript that allows you to do other things that don’t require a password. For example, you can use this javascript to change the text on your website from “This is the text you typed in,” to “This is the text you typed into my website.” This allows you to send a link to a friend without a password.

Zerocensorship is a feature that allows you to create a link that hides your identity from a web crawler. That is, if they find your website using this method, they won’t be able to link to your site. The feature works by making a special query to the server, then comparing that with the user’s entry. If the server returns a match, then the content is hidden from the crawler.

Zerocensorship can be used in several different ways to send a link without a password, such as when you don’t want people to find your blog or blog post if they type in the wrong password to your website. It can also be used by companies to get people to do something without their knowledge.

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