fernando ortiz

Fernando Ortiz is a New Orleans-based photographer who has been shooting for a living since 2009. He shoots candid images of people and places across the United States. Ortiz is a recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Photographer of the Year Award and the 2014 American Society of Portraiture Photographer of the Year.

Fernando is also a recovering addict, so his photography of his old addiction helps reveal just how hard his life has been. He’s also a photographer of his own and he has a pretty good website that’s worth checking out.

A quick heads up: Fernando is not an addict, and does not condone the use of substances to enhance or enhance the visual imagery he creates. He was addicted to painkillers and heroin when he was younger, but he’s fully recovered. He was also in the heroin era to get his career going. His addiction is so bad, he has a friend in high school that he lets into the studio and shoots his photos for him.

He has a pretty neat website, but I’d recommend you check out his work online, he has a site with a bunch of cool pictures. I’d also recommend you go check out his portfolio and portfolio of his photos on his website, FernandoOrtiz.com.

Ortiz’s website is the perfect place to see a well-rounded collection of his work. And you can check out his portfolio and portfolio of his work on his website, FernandoOrtiz.com.

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