if all proper hand washing steps are followed, how long should the entire process take?

If you absolutely cannot have your hands washed, do it at least once every two days. And if you absolutely cannot have everything washed, do it a few days or even sooner.

Just because you have to do it yourself, doesn’t mean you have to spend all day doing it, especially if it involves using a soap and water combo. It’s important to remember that washing your hands is actually a form of hand sanitizing. It’s an easy way to get rid of germs that cause illness and infection.

If you have to use soap and water, you’ve just consumed the bacteria that causes illness and infection. But if you use a soap and water combo, you’ve gone above and beyond the best way to wash your hands. In fact, it’s one of the few ways to get all the germs out of your hands. After using a soap and water combo, you can rinse your hands for 5 seconds.

And after 5 seconds you can put them on your new hand dryer and air dry them for 30 seconds. Then you can take them out of the dryer and let them air dry for another 30 seconds. This is called a “hand dryer cycle”. So the process of washing your hands, and then drying them, is called a ‘hand dryer cycle’.

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