Yes, terrorising is an activity that is used in every day life. It’s how we keep the peace, and it’s when we do things we are scared of, or nervous about. We do this to make us feel safe, to make us feel less vulnerable. But really, it’s really not.

The most fun and entertaining thing about terrorising is that you can actually get around it. You can do it inside the room, with no walls, without being afraid of it. You can do it in the bathroom, or with your own hands, or with your eyes.

So how do you terrorise someone? Simple. Tell them that you feel you are not safe in that room. You don’t feel safe, so you want to get somewhere else. You don’t feel safe in that bathroom. You don’t feel safe anywhere. You tell them this and they will feel safe in your room.

You can make people feel safe, without them believing you.

No, this is NOT possible. You can do it in the living room either (a) in the bedroom, or (b) in the bathroom.

By terrorising someone, you are making them feel unsafe. Why?Because it is easier to get someone to believe that you are unsafe.

I guess you can get people to believe that you are unsafe in a more literal sense, but it isn’t really true. You can make people feel safe without them believing it. You can make people feel unsafe without them believing you.

So, if terrorising someone makes them feel unsafe, it makes them feel unsafe. You can say it makes them feel more safe, which is true, but that doesnt really help. It only makes them feel more unsafe.

Terrorising someone is like a little game of cat and mouse. The more you scare them, the more they want to do what you were doing. However, what you are doing is not dangerous, so youve just managed to scare them into doing what you wanted.

The game reminds me of that one horror movie where its like this girl is always putting her trust in her boyfriend who can do anything at all, but when he gets his hands on a bomb, he starts to freak out.

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